What is eco-friendly packaging?

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Packaging is vital for the safe transfer of products. The growing competition among brands and technology advancements has created a place for custom boxes. Though the packaging is very beneficial for brands it is often not safe for the environment. Packaging waste is one of the biggest environmental pollutants that fill landfills. The growing environmental pollution and global warming have alarmed customers to change their way or the consequences can be dreadful. The customer now expects their favorite brands to use environment-safe packaging methods. Packaging that is made of a material that can naturally decompose without leaving toxins in the environment is considered eco-friendly.  This type of packaging uses less energy consumption and has minimal hazardous effects on the surroundings. Environment-friendly packaging can be any packaging that is safe for the environment and can be easily recycled and reused. It is usually made out of natural resources. Eco-friendly packaging is also called green or sustainable packaging. Eco-friendly box packaging brings numerous benefits for the brand.  It aims to;


  • decrease the packaging material usage
  • promoted usage of recycled materials
  • encourage to use renewable materials
  • decrease packaging cost
  • No usage of harmful and toxic materials
  • recycle the materials



Eco-friendly packaging can be converted in any style to help your brand get the best display packaging. Cardboard and Kraft boxes made from wood pulp are perfect material options when you want to switch to eco-friendly packaging. These boxes can be easily customized and used.  You can recycle these boxes and they degrade in nature without leaving and harmful substances in the environment. 

Fine packaging boxes offer eco-friendly packaging that can be altered to suit your brand packaging needs. Our sustainable packaging options make your brand prominent in the market. These boxes satisfy the customer about their purchase and leave an impression on customers that your brand is eco-friendly.  According to an independent survey around 60% of customers agreed that they prefer environmentally friendly packaging over any other packaging boxes. We make eco-friendly boxes with durable material to ensure your product safety is not compromised. Our professional designers craft economical and eco-friendly packaging that can make your product look impressive. These boxes will grab customers' attention and will build a strong impression of your brand. Our years of expertise in box manufacturing have enabled us to make the best boxes for our customers. You can get your custom boxes with no minimum order quantity from us.


Types of eco-friendly Packaging


We have only one planet so everyone must preserve it. Eco-friendly packaging needs time because of depleting ozone layer and increased global warming. There are many types of eco-friendly packaging. Let’s have a look at them;


  • Paper: (easy to reuse, recycle, and biodegradable.  It can be used for any product)
  • Cardboard ( sturdy material made from wood pulp. it is best for protecting fragile products)
  • Corn starch; (instead of bubble wrap and packaging peanuts this material can be used)
  • Air pillows: (used to fill spaces in the container. they work as a cushion between products)
  • Bagasse paper: (made from sugar cane pulp and often used in the food industry).



This list goes on. You can get your packaging retail boxes in eco-friendly material to decrease your carbon footprint. These boxes are very versatile and can be used in any industry.  For example, you can use eco-friendly packaging for food to impress the foodies. Such packaging will convince them that you not only care for customers' taste but also care for the environment.  Customers love to be linked with a brand that is socio responsible. Fine packaging services encourage their customers to use suitable packaging. Many deals and discounts are offered to convince product manufacturers to change their packaging material. Think of two types of cosmetic boxes available on retail shelves. Eco-friendly and non-eco-friendly. What will you choose? Eco-friendly? Huh? Because a product that is known for beautifying the face should not be responsible for keeping the environment polluted. Eco-friendly packaging for cosmetic look impressive. It makes the customer believe that their favorite brand is doesn't harm the environment and sources raw material that requires less amount of energy.


What are eco-friendly packaging materials?


Any packaging material that is sustainable, recyclable, or biodegradable is called eco-friendly material. Every year billions of packaging boxes are dumped that add up to quite a lot of trash. There are different types of sustainable materials like biodegradable packing peanuts, some plastic, Kraft, seaweed, and mushroom packaging. Eco-friendly packaging material can fulfill all your packaging needs. You can use Kraft or corrugated stock to pack your products. These materials are made of wood pulp and you can increase the strength of corrugated stock by adding more layers to ensure the safety of your fragile products. Eco-friendly boxes for shipping keep the packed product safe from any mishaps so customers get an original quality product. You can customize these boxes with different themes and styles to boost your visibility. Add name and brand logo on your eco-friendly boxes for products to make your brand memorable. This will make customers aware of your products and your sales will elevate.  Environmental friendly boxes are quite cost-effective and help to attract new customers. These boxes retain your old patron so your loyal customers base is increased. Research by PPMI revealed that 1 out of 5 customers preferred eco-friendly packaging. Customers happily pay for brands that are responsible for the environment.  If you are a business owner who wants to expand its customer base to generate excellent sales revenue then switch to eco-friendly packaging.  These boxes will help to build your positive image in the market so you can secure a top position in the market.

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