10 Things you Must Know before Custom Packaging Boxes

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10 Things You Must Know Before Printing Pizza Boxes


Pizza a yummy treat is loved by everyone. Ordering pizza and every knock on the door seems like your pizza has arrived because it becomes very hard to wait for the Pizza. The pizza comes in a box that is keeping it safe for a very long time like half an hour. Pizza boxes play a huge role in ensuring pizza safely reaches customers. Pizza boxes are made of sturdy materials to protect the pizzas. Pizza boxes serve many purposes other than just providing safety to the pizzas.

Pizza boxes make the pizza brand memorable in customers' minds leaves an unforgettable impression. You can design your custom Pizza boxes with unique themes and attractive color schemes to boost your sales. This box is a vital tool for making your marketing and branding easy. Pizza boxes can be customized in any way you want to make your packaging look ravishing. If you're looking for Pizza box packaging tips then consider the following factors to make your packaging look captivating.


Choose Quality Material 


Materials play a huge role in popping the printing out. If your material choice is not good your printing will not come out properly. There were wide material options that you can choose for your pizza boxes. Cardboard is the most famous option as it is quite durable and can be designed in any way. Cardboard yields amazing printing results. These boxes are highly customizable and you can cut them in your desired size and style. Such boxes show great printing results.


Extensive Market Research 


Before printing your boxes make sure to do extensive market research on the latest trends and printing techniques.  This will provide you with creative ideas for custom box packaging for your products that will help you to make the best boxes.


Text on Your Pizza Boxes 


Texts and fonts on your boxes should be bold so during printing the fonts are not lost. You can use light fonts on a dark background but always ensure to use appropriate fonts as dark backgrounds create visual illusions which makes the text small. Corrugated boxes are also used for pizza boxes which may make the text appear small and blurry. Always use bold colors with appropriate size texts to make the print readable. Such boxes attract potential customers by adding beauty to your pizzas display.

Use Unique Designing 

Pizza boxes only look attractive on printing when the design is unique and catchy. You can hire a professional designer to create a unique design for your custom Pizza boxes. You can also have a choice to design your boxes by bringing out your creativity to give your Pizza boxes your personal touch. Designing your box is very important because it is going to decide the fate of your pizzas in the market. If your design is not captivating enough to catch customers' attention nobody is going to purchase it. Designs that are according to brand help to gain the pizza band's popularity. Your pizza box design represents your brand in the crowds it must be striking enough together all the Limelight.  You can use different factors like glossy Matte finish to your boxes to give them additional appeal. You can also use the spot UV effect to make the packaging pop out on the retail shelves. Your packaging should have a bright and enticing design so your box can have a unique charm that can captivate all the audiences.

Think of Customers Preferences 


Another important factor before printing your box is that make sure your design is according to your customer's preferences.

Use Attractive and Eye-Catching Colour Scheme 


Creating a design for your boxes can differentiate between your brand and others. Colors play important role in influencing the customers. There are two options that you can use to color your packaging boxes. CYMK and PMS. CYMK refers to Cyan, yellow, magenta, and key (black) and PMS (Pantone matching system). CYMK is best for printing images, photos and graphics whereas PMS shows great results on a spot color. This system uses predetermined colors to match the color in your design.

Must Use Quality Inks 


The quality of inks is very important for your boxes because if your ink is not of good quality the print might start to bleed which will ruin your packaging. Such boxes leave a bad impression on the customers and your repute will get damaged. Always make sure to use high quality so your printing looks high resolution and the print never bleed. High-quality printing and premium inks will make your packaging look extraordinary and it will tempt customers to try your pizzas.

Use Custom Notes 


Handwritten notes in your pizza boxes will bring all attention to your pizzas. You can add inserts or handwritten notes to make your customers feel happy and different. The printing of your pizza boxes can make a difference when it has your personal touch. These boxes make your brand prominent and help customers to recognize their favorite brand easily.

Catchy Add Ons 

Use catchy and cool add-ons to make your printing look more prominent. Famous options include embossing, debossing, aqueous coating, and others.

Printing Methods on Your Pizza Boxes 

Printing of Pizza boxes is done once you have decided your color schemes graphics designing material in short everything. These boxes are then sent for printing so that your packaging can create a ripple effect in the market. The sheet of material that you have chosen for your Pizza packaging is then fed through the printer. There are different types of printing used for printing Pizza boxes but some of the most common are


It is a process of printing from a flat surface like a metal plate. Image or text is worked using a greasy substance so the ink stays adhered to it and non-image areas repel the ink. It is usually preferred for detailed artworks as it creates shallow grooves and gives the highest quality to printing.


In this method, a digital printer transfers the colors and is one of the most affordable printing methods. This method is very common in bringing packaging boxes.

Flexographic Printing

The best method for bulk packaging boxes. This method is a form of rotary printing where ink is applied to various surfaces by using rubber printing plates. This method is preferred for designing a box that is relatively simple














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